Chrysanthemum Show, Terraced Gardens

Chrysanthemum Show, Terraced Gardens, Chandigarh Overview
Held every year at the Terraced Garden of Chandigarh, The Chrysanthemums Show is one of the most popular flower shows of India. The Show is generally held in March in which hundreds of city gardeners participate. The flower show has been increasingly gaining momentum with rows and rows of Chrysanthemums bathed in a riot of colours that await its visitors.

The Chrysanthemum Show – Dates
10th December 2019
Venue of Chrysanthemum Show
Terraced Garden (Sector 33), Chandigarh
About The Chrysanthemum Show – Events & Activities
The Chrysanthemums Show gives one an opportunity to discover the varied assortments of the flowers which are arranged in interesting patterns like animals and birds. It is one of the unique shows of North India which empowers citizens for greenery. About 250 varieties of chrysanthemums like a spider, pom pom, football are on display at the event.

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