Terraced Garden

Terraced Garden, Chandigarh Overview
The Terraced Gardens of Chandigarh is a famous and much-loved tourist attraction that is located in Sector 33 of the main city. The attraction boasts of being home to a myriad of colourful and vibrant flowers, the beauty and cheerfulness of which attracts tourists from not only Chandigarh and neighbouring areas, but from practically all across the country. The exuberance of the flowers is indeed contagious, and people who visit the Terraced Gardens never leave without a huge smile on their faces.

The Terraced Garden was established in the year 1979, and have gained immense popularity ever since. Covering a total area of 10 acres, the gardens are full of lush greenery and provide scenic views. It had been named so because of the different levels, shapes and terrace designs that can be seen here. Perhaps the main attraction at the Terraced Gardens is the lighted musical fountain which comes to life in the evenings, when famous folk songs, as well as film songs, are played, and tourists are found clicking endless photos with the splashing water serving as the perfect background.

The gardens are the ideal place for nature lovers and travellers to visit, to experience a beautiful day in Chandigarh in the lap of nature, and to enjoy the much-needed relief from the daily monotonous schedule. The gardens are also especially popular amongst youngsters and couples, who flock to the park in large numbers to enjoy a few moments of peaceful silence. The Terraced Gardens also hosts the Chrysanthemum Flowers Show, which is an annual exhibition of these flowers on an immense scale. This is perhaps yet another reason why the attraction continues to be so popular amongst the masses, and why it definitely should not be missed while on a tour of Chandigarh.

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